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  • Kasho Green Series KGR SASA T38W Blender 6"

Kasho Green Series KGR SASA T38W Blender 6"

The Green SASA Series is the latest addition to the KASHO Shears product line. SASA is Japanese for bamboo leaf and these shears feature wider blades with a more rounded profile. The Green Series SASA Blending Shears are designed for exquisitely smooth wet or dry fine cutting. The teeth feature a new step-down design where the notch at the end releases the hair after cutting. The base of the teeth step-down smaller to leave more room for the uncut hair to slide smoothly through when you pull the shears out, which means there is less chance of pulling or snagging the hair.

Size: 6.0" long

Features & Benefits:

  • Exquisitely smooth wet or dry fine cutting
  • Tension adjustable screw
  • Integrated ball bearing
  • Special high-carbon stainless steel alloy, which has superior resistance to corrosion and wear
  • The steel is variously compounded with Molybdenum, vanadium, cobalt and other elements to achieve state-of-the-art characteristics


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