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  • Joico Holiday 2020 Dream Blowout / Flip Turn Duo

Joico Holiday 2020 Dream Blowout / Flip Turn Duo

This Holiday 2020 duo helps style hair and keep finished styles protected and smooth for the perfect dream blowout!

Dream Blowout Thermal Protection Creme: Get the luxuriously soft, smooth, long-lasting blowout of your dreams! Up to 50% faster drying time, reduces breakage by over 75%, and heat protection up to 450°F

Flip Turn: Even the skinniest, flattest strands don't stand a chance against Joico's Flip Turn volumizing finishing spray, which sprays from every angle - even upside down! - to inject styles with head-turning, bodacious volume that lasts from morning meeting to night cap.


  • 1x Dream Blowout 6.6oz
  • 1x Flip Turn 9oz


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